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There is an enormous amount of rhythm bones media listed or referenced on this Page. The two main sections are; Audio and Video that RBS has secured permission to include on this website (Note that these works are still copyrighted by their owners) and Mike Passerotti’s growing list of known YouTube and Vimea videos (If you find a new one, please email the link via the Contact Us Page).


NOTE: if you click a player name you will be taken to their Player Profile Page where more information may be available. Note: this is a work in progress.


 Most Bones Fests have individual performance and workshop videos, and over the next few months we will fill in missing Highlight videos. Click HERE for the index to all Bones Fests. 


There is a collection of Instruction and Workshop videos on the Rhythm Bones Instruction Page.


Audio/Video on this website

Mike Passerotti’s YouTube/Vimeo Videos

Players A-D

Greg AdamsBanks of the Ohio
Greg AdamsTeaches Novices at Banjo Camp
John Allin – Cass Country Historical Society
John Allin – Cass County Civil War Kids Club
John Allin – Southern Travelers
Gerard ArseneaultCanadian TV Talent Show
Sky BartlettAt Bones Fest in NH
Hillar Bergman  – Learn to Play Rhythm Bones
Hillar Bergman – Inexpensive rhythm bones for teaching
Guy Berniquez – Jitter Plateau Mont-Royal
Bones, Jugs and Harmony‏ – Wiggle Ya Bones
Bones, Jugs and Harmony – Battle of Jug Bands
Mitch BossBones for Donovan and family
Mitch BossPhilidor Percussion Group with guest
Tom Breathe – History and how to play
Steve BrownAll Ireland Competition 1
Steve BrownAll Ireland Competition 2
Steve Brown Plays thr Bones
Steve BrownWith Raymond Henry in Tubbercurry
Steve BrownCajin two-step with Nashua Stroll
JC BurrisSmoke Filled Room
JC BurrisHighway Blues (good solo
Greg Burrows –
Bones Solo and Discussion
Greg Burrows –
Bones Solo #2 – Shuttle Rhythm
Jason Catron – Kickstarter Demo for Rhythm Bones
Roy Clarke – A little history lesson)
Rowan Corbett and Dom – Carolina Chocolate Drops at IMT 
Rowan Corbett and Dom – Jam on Bones
Rowan CorbettPretty Little Indian / Ducks on the Millpond 
Rowan CorbettBones and Banjo Workshop Performance
Rowan CorbettA Bones Happening with Greg Adams
Francis Craig – Play Them Bones
Jonathan DanforthJethros – Shake Your Bones
Percy DanforthWith David Holt
Percy DanforthWith Andy Cohen
Freeman DavisBrother Bones Sweet Georgia Brown
Freeman DavisYes Sir, Mr Bones Movie Clip
Freeman DavisBlack Eyed Susan Brown
Donny DeCamp – At BFXI with Ernie and Sky
Donny DeCamp – At Bones Fest XI
Ernie DuffyAt Lester Bradley’s with Sky Barlett
Abe Doron – Rhythm Bones Playing Solo
Abe Doran – Rhythm Bones Lesson
Brad DutzBones & Bodhran for Black Sails
Brad DutzBones with Brad Dutz – Part 1
Brad DutzBones with Brad Dutz – Part 2
Brad DutzBones with Brad Dutz – Part 3

Players E-G

Clif ErwinTurkey in the Straw
Cliff ErwinAt IMC with Chris Coole
Dom FlemonsSnowdon’s Jig
Dom FlemonsSnowdon’s Jig in Alley
Dom FlemonsJammin On The Bones with Jerron Paxton 
Dom FlemonsAt the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame
Dom FlemonsCindy Gal with Bones Solo
Dom FlemonsHow to Play Rhythm Bones
Dom FlemonsPlays ‘dem bones’ at CSPS
Dom Flemons – Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Dom FlemonsJohn Henry y los Vaqueros
Darrell Flanery – Rhythm Bones Explained
Skeff FlynnCornbread and Butterbeans
Anthony Gibson – (LimerickLad25)
Guy and Pip GilletteAt Bones Fest XI
Guy GilletteBanjo and Bones
George Gilmore – On Original Ameteur Hour
Ernie Gordon – Northhumbrian Moothie
Mardeen GordonHarmonica and Rhythm Bones
Bob GouletPerforms at Woonsocket RI
Steve Green – Playing the Bones, Basic old time technique
Dave Hare – Arkansas Traveler/Turkey in the Straw Medley
Dave Hare – Boil em Cabbage Down
Dave Hare – Old Dan Tucker
Dave Hare – Racoon
Graham Hargrove – Horising Around with my New Steve Brown Bones
Gil HibbenPlays the Rhythm Bones
David HoltLearn to Play Folk Rhythms
David HoltGeorgia Buck with Rhiannon Giddens
David Holt and Carlock Stutsberry – Mouthbow Demonstration
Hubby Jenkins and Dom Flemons Instrument Interview: Bones & Banjo
Hubby Jenkins and Dom FlemonsDueling Bones
Gilles Lapierre – Performs

Players G-L

Jim HessHow to Play Rhythm Bones
Gil HibbenPlaying the Rhythm Bones
Gerry HinesSilver King Minstrels in Tombstone
Gerry HinesAt Bones Fest in Grand Rapids
Ed Hopwood – Harmonica and Percussion: Rhythm Bones
Hoss – Rattle Bones 1
Hoss – Rattle Bones 2
Hoss – Rattle Bones 3
Wayne Jones – Swining rhythm bones & spoons
Kafari – How to Play a Forward Couplet
Kafari – How t Play a Triplet
Kafari – Rhythm bones freestyle to ‘Relax’ by Lettuce
Kafari – Rhythm Bones rhythm #1: Walking, Trotting, Galloping
Yoppy Kyabetsu – Froggy went a Courtin
Yoppy Kyabetsu – Dem bones
Yoppy Kyabetsu – Making and playing bones
Yoppy Kyabetsu – Banjo Friday 15: Possum in a Well
Yoppy Kyabetsu – Save the Bones for Henry Jones
Jeff LeffertsUkulele & Bones Ragtime Duet
Jeff LeffertsGuitar and Bones Duet
Jeff LeffertsBones Guy 
Jeff LeffertsUkulele & Bones
Jeff LeffertsAll-Ireland Bones Championship
Jes Lund – Bones Solo
Jes Lund – Bones Solo II
Jack FrostPlays the bones!
Steve Levitt – Hambone, Rhythm Bones, Flatfoot Dancing
Steve ListosShave Yo’ legs – Swamp Train

Players M-P

Markus Maggiori? – Chlefli making and playing
Grandad MacDonald – Playin’ the Bones
Gene MacGillicuddy – On The Bones
Gene MacGillicuddy – More Bone Action
Yirdy MacharPlaying 8 bones
Yirdy MacharPerforming Live with Neil Stanford
Edward Meeker – Rap, Rap, Rap on your Minstrel Bones
Jean MehaffeyDemonstrates her Skill
Mel MercierMícheál Ó Súilleabháin and Mel
Mel MercierGerry Murray playing a polka
Mel MercierCork Folk Festival
Mel Mercier At Aula Max University
Michael Metzler – Playing medieval castagnettes
Jerry Mescher TrioAt Bones Fest XI
Jerry Mescher Trio  – At Bones Fest XVI
Jerry Mescher & Bernic worrellAt Bones Fest VII
Jerry and Sharon Mescher – Jerry Mescher  – On Original Amateur Hour
Scott MillerArkansas Traveller
Scott MillerOld Dan Tucker
Scott MillerAl Simms’ Tune
Scott MillerHinton WV Bones Workshop Intro
Scott MillerBones Workshop One Hand Style
Scott MilerReel de Montebello
Scott MillerThe Zipper
Scott MilerSweet Georgia Brown with Jan Marra
Scott MillerScott’s Youtube Channel
Scott MillerGet Up In The Morning/Circus Jig 
Scott MillerWith the Carolina Chocolate Drops
Spike Bones Muhrer – Bones Fest XII – Playing the Bones
Scott Miller and Dom – Unrehearsed
Scott Miller and Dom – Performance
Ana Mitchel – Rhythm Bones – El Choclo
Paddy “Sport” Murphy – Breandan O Beaglaioch – Hornpipe
Daniel Papuga – Learn to Play Bones
Mike PasserottiBlue Rhythm And Bones Patriotic
Mike PasserottiHarp and Bones – Hen’s Cackle
Mike PasserottiNacogdoches Front Porch Jam Session
Mike Passerotti8 Bar Blue Jam
Mike PasserottiDan and Mike Passerotti
Barry PattonWorld Class Player
Barry PattonLearning The Bones
Barry PattonBones Player
Barry PattonPlaying the ‘Bones’ – Winfield, KS
Aaron Plunket – Instruction DVD Excerpt
Aaron PlunkettWorld Beat Sample 
Kyle PretzlWood Stove Walk ‘Round 
Kyle PretzlJammin’ with Clarke! 
Kyle PretzlBuffalo Gals
Kyle PretzlOld Dan Tucker 
Kyle PretzlWhere Did You Come From 
Kyle PretzlCircus Jig
Kyle PretzlLucy Neal
Kyle PretzlMississippi Rag, early banjo film (1897)
Kyle PretzlRare footage of forgotten Blues duo
Kyle PretzlOld Cremona
Kyle PretzlThe Unique Mazurka, 1892
Alan Gunga Purves – Plays the bones

Players R-Z

Raquy – “The Wish” Music Video
Bill Raies – Plays the Bones
Richard Schaffert – Mosibuebä – Muotathaler-Gäuerler = clapperle
Rob SchneiderTechnical Rudiments Tutorial 1
Rob SchneiderTechnical Rudiments Tutorial 2
Rob SchneiderTechnical Rudiments Tutorial 3
Rob SchneiderRhythm Bones Hemiola
Rob SchneiderButter Shakin’ Bones
Rob SchneiderRhythm Bones: A-One, and A-Two
Rob SchneiderRhythm Bones Progress Report 2
Rob Schneiderhttp://youtu.be/0qGKZIGnpgU
Rob SchneiderRhythm Bones Progress Report 6
Borus SichonDueling Percussion
Borus SichonPlaying Bones With Borus
Nicolas Spicer – Don’t Let Go with Michael Baytop
Ken Sweeney – At Portsmouth NH Maritime Festival
Russ MyersAt Bones Fest VII
Dennis RiedeselAt Bones Fest XI
Ryan Thomson – Rhythm Bones percussion workshop
VashBasics of playing the bones
James Thorpe – On the bones
Richard Troon – RTROON – Music Man
Richard Troon – Troon & Carr thanksgiving ’10
Richard Troon – Troon, Carr & Buster
Unknown – Red-Hair Boy
Unknown – Esther clase castanuelas
Unknown – Oficina de trancanholas, castanholas ou tabuinhas
Bill VitsBones & Drum Kit Workshop
Waltons Irish Music – Bones and Spoons
Jack Wardrop – Rhythm bones and clawhammer banjo
Walt WatkinsBFVII Pass-Off
Kenny WolinPerformance at Bonesfest X
Kenny WolinPerformance at Bones Fest XI
Kenny Wolin & Tim ReillyBones Duet – Buffalo Whore
Kenny Wolin & Tim ReillyMystic Sea Music Festival
Bernie WorrellOctoberfest 2011 – Miami
James YoshizawaIrish Bones Lesson
James Yoshizawa – Rhythm Bones Improvisation
Martin Zak – Old Time Music – Haste to the Wedding
Mickie ZekleyBones & Skin

Other Interesting Videos

Chlefeli is the Swiss name for rhythm bones. Click HERE for how to hand carve a pair (in German)

Klepperle is German for rhythm bones. The Klepperle.de website is in German with no English. Jonathan Danforth wrote an article on ‘klepperle’ and you can read it in on-line newsletter, RBP, Vol 7, No 2. The Webmaster is Dr. Joachim Schuhmacher. The following videos links speak for themselves.
klepperle.de/kurse/filme.htm – How to Play Klepperle
klepperle.de/fotogalerie/filme/filmgalerie.htm – Videos of 2009 Contest

The Travel Channel played a video about Klepperle. It was directed by Reinhard Enderle from Gengenbach, Germany, and he gave us permission to add it to our website. It is separated into seven videos at the bottom of the ‘How to Play Them” page.  It is in German, but the music is universal.