Jonathan Danforth


Board Member (2005-2012)
Webmaster (2002-19??)
 BFX Host
Youth Workshop

It’s hard to believe that our bones fest has grown into an international affair with a hundred attendees. Bones Fest X combined New Bedford’s multicultural and maritime music heritage. It seemed that everyone had a grand ol‘ time.



The performances this year took on a fresh tone as Al Cowett encouraged players to combine their acts with personal background or narrative. We were very impressed with the variety and range of techniques and musical traditions that went into everyone‘s playing ––everything from old-time, jazz, and classical to rock n’ roll, Québécois, and sea shanties.


Of course none of this would have been possible without everyone’s help and support. Al and Dan Cowett deserve special thanks for their tireless energy and expertise behind the mic and sound board. Kudos also go to the talented and patient musicians who sat in to provide live music ––the Rusty String Bandits and the Publicans. Finally, we can‘t express the honor and pleasure we felt seeing Russ Myers at Bones Fest X, contributing mightily (as always) to the racket, learning, and merriment. Looking back, we are grateful to have had the chance to make music with him one more time, and we will miss him terribly. Thanks to all who made our fest so special ––we‘ll see you next year!                                                             Jonathan and Melissa Danforth