Rhythm Bones Contests


There are only two current rhythm bones contests, a Bones & Spoons contest sponsored by the National Traditional Country Music Festival and the All-Ireland Bones Competition in Abvbeyfeale Ireland.  The last item on this page about a 1927 contest suggests that there must have been many such contests.  It is easy to imagine that the flamboyant players of the 1800s would want to see who is the best of them.  Want to research this topic?


National Traditional Country Music Festival Contest

Old Time Country Music Festival
How to Win
Contest Winners Summary
Wixson Wins
Update 2008
NTCMA Winners



All-Ireland Bones Competition

All-Ireland Bones Competition
On The Road to Abbeyfeale
Steve Brown Wins
Abbeyfeale Report
Fleadh Spawns Boy Wonder
Story From Abbeyfeale
Dave Murphy Wins
Female Wins
2009 Bones Competition
2015 Bones Competition
2017 Bones Competition
Abbeyfeale Celebrates 25 Years
How to Compete
2020 Quarantine Contest US Player Video
All-Ireland Video


Other Contests

John Hall Wins Australian Contest
Case for International Contest
1927 Rattlebones Champ