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Rhythm bones are one of the oldest man made musical instruments, likely prehistoric.  Two slabs are held between the fingers and clicks are made with wrist and arm movement.  They can be played one handed or two handed.  As the name suggests. they are made from animal bones, but also other materials like wood shaped like a bone.


The Rhythm Bones Society does not sell rhythm bones, but we know where to buy them. Animal bones are frequently made from cow rib or shin bones.  Wood bones are made from most any kind of wood with Ebony producing a deep and rich (but loud) sound. You can also find instruction on how to make your own. Click to find a seller.

If you have rhythm, rhythm bones are easy to play when compared to other musical instruments. Click and find out for yourself with instruction from our website or on the Internet!

The Rhythm Bones Society was formed in 1999 as a educational society to preserve and pass on rhythm bones and have fun doing it.  We host this website, publish a quarterly Rhythm Bones Player newsletter and host an annual Bones Fest.

We invite you to join and help us.

Visit the Rhythm Bones Museum where you will find a wide variety of information about rhythm bones including history, important players, players of today, the Rhythm Bones Player newsletter, audio and video on this website, YouTube videos, and more.