The Rhythm Bones Society

Organized on the back porch of the home of the late Russ Myers and his wife Wilma on September 23, 1999, 34 people signed the By-Laws creating of the Rhythm Bones Society (RBS), a organization whose purpose, as stated in the first issue of the newsletter, is “to preserve, educate, communicate and foster development of rhythm bones sounds and music.” Seven rhythm bones players were elected to the Board of Directors to lead this new society.  The current members are”


Steve Brown – Executive Director
Bill Vits – Assistant Director
Steve Wixson – Secretary/Treasurer
Skeffington Flynn
Sharon Mescher
Dennis Riedesel
Kenny Wolin


Former Board Members are Sky Bartlett, Ev Cowett, Executive Director, Sally Carroll, Jonathan Danforth, Mel Mercier, Gil Hibben, Assistant Director, Jerry Mescher, Russ Myers, Assistant Director, and Tim Reilly.


A bones festival was the vision of the father of RBS, Everett Cowett.  Annual Bones Fests began in 1997 organized by Ev Cowett at the urging of who might be called the grandfather of RBS, Dr. Fred Edmund, maker and seller of rhythm bones and a great instructional video. The Museum Exhibit titled ‘Bones Fests Highlights’ reviews of each Bones Fest.


What do you give a father who doesn’t want anything? For Martha Cowett, it was the Rhythm Bones Central website now with the address This website is the source of much information about rhythm bones, and is where many people were and are introduced to the Rhythm Bones Society.


At the first Board of Directors meeting, the Rhythm Bones Player newsletter was authorized with Steve Wixson as Editor. Articles have been authored by a large number of people with occasional reprints from other sources. To date, there have been 87 quarterly volumes published   The Museum Exhibit titled ‘Search The Newsletters’  presents those newsletters.