I learned to play bones as a teenager in West Virginia. The musician, I don’t remember his name, but he was an Abe Lincoln impersonator. I love playing music, if only I had more time. I have a family, wife, three kids. I program computers for a living. I made my first album, “…And Bones”. It was fun, and I’ve got a children’s music album in progress. I made the world’s first wireless electric bones. Hope to show off dem new bones at the Fest.


If you’ve not looked at my collection of YouTube rhythm bones videos, you are missing out on a terrific resource. Thanks to those who contribute links to these videos, there are over 200 videos in his collection in the Museum exhibit “Rhythm Bones Media.”  You will find videos here easier than doing a YouTube search.


However, when you find a new video, please forward the link to us using our Contact Us page. Some late additions include David Holt and Rhiannon Giddens and Dave Murphy from Ireland.