Teilhard Frost


I started playing rhythm bones in Toronto Ontario back in 1997.


A friend had loaned me a set of English whale bones which her great-grandfather had used as a longshoreman off the East coast of England.


I would ride my bicycle through downtown Toronto, practicing with one hand, then the other, avoiding cars and pedestrians, adding to the distraction.
I played for many years with the renowned contra dance band Flapjack, then with Sheesham, Lotus and ‘Son and now often touring solo.


I take a set of rhythm bones with me where ever I go and have recently introduced them to the Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra in Ubud, Bali.
My main two sets of rhythm bones are camel rib bones I brought back from Mongolia and solid cow femur bones from here at home.


I live on Wolfe Island, located in the St. Lawrence River, where I make rhythm bones, banjos and old time world music.