How to Use This Website



General Comments


There are two sides to the website; Home and Museum.  The Home side has resources for playing rhythm bones.  The Museum side has everything else.


The Museum draws heavily on the Rhythm Bones Player newsletters which are stored as Adobe pdf files.  On computers, some PDF readers, like Adobe PDF Reader, will jump directly to the page with the story you selected.  However, we have not found a mobile PDF Reader that will do this which means you have to scroll to the desired article/story (which is only a maximum of 8 pages).


Links are BLACK and the Hovering color is light purple.


Normally, use the Back button to return to the previous page.

Laptops and PCs


Everything should work as expected.  If not, let us know via the Contact Page and we will fix it.

Mobile Devices


Everything on the Home side should work as expected.  Everything on the Museum side should work except as stated above.  There are a lot of links, so when you find one that doesn’t work, please let us know via our ‘Contact Us’ page.  And Thanks.


Global Search does not work for mobile devices and we are searching for one that will work.