Contributed Profile

Vash has been playing rhythm bones since 1997 when he met (briefly) with Rowan Corbett of Tinsmith at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Vash was a bodhran player interested in rhythm bones, and Rowan a rhythm bones player learning the bodhran. A quick lesson on how to hold rhythm bones followed, and a few months of solo exploration later, Vash had his two handed style down. Rhythm bones and spoons have since become a mainstay of Vash’s percussion arsenal since then. Vash has played rhythm bones along with Celtic, Olde Tyme, Bluegrass, Spanish, Jugband, Jazz, and Rock music. He also plays them to accompany his singing, and as free form improvised percussion performances. Inspired by Artis the Spoonman, Vash has added spoons, knifes, forks, spatulas, pie servers, and tuning forks to his broad collection of rhythm bones, “woods” and one set of antique ivory plaques. Vash is and has been a member of several bands and ensembles over the years, performing a wide variety of music in venues ranging from concert halls to street corners, from renaissance festivals to classrooms. He is also an accomplished solo performer and music teacher, specializing in teaching bodhran, rhythm bones & spoons. His web site is