Peter Sheppard

Contributed Profile

I`m 67, born in Barbados, West Indies (where I am also now living). My Grandfather was a real expert bones player, and he taught me when I was about 14. I seldom play, as young people don’t really know what its all about, and the chances to play in public are limited down here. I usually pull them out and play at family parties. My mom of 90, still plays the piano, and will play some old tap rhythms for me to play by. I learned to play with both hands, and use the same bones that my Grandfather used to play with. They are made of a dark wood, I believe from Africa. It is interesting to see that there is still some keen interest in this dying art. I believe I am the only living player in Barbados (population approx 300K).  I hope to come to the annual Bones Fest of the Rhythm Bones Society, if not this year, then next year. I’m sure I will learn some new techniques from the pros. Click HERE to see a video of me playing.