Mescher, Sharon

Sharon Mescher

Board Member (2011-Present)

Halbur, IA, USA
Reflections Editor
Reflections Editor
Mercier At Notre Dame

After Steve asked that I write a short biography, I mentally raced through 58 years and quickly decided what was pertinent info for me. New Mexico is my native home; I am the oldest of six children (five girls; one boy); attending college was a must; be responsible; and, always be compassionate and empathetic.


My bones playing life started when I married Jerry Mescher, a master bones player. After Bones Fest IV, I decided to try playing the bones (practiced while sitting in tractors). By Bones Fest X, my dream of playing with Jerry came true. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, I finally felt like a bona fide member of the Rhythm Bones Society.


One night as I pondered my life as a novice bones player, I had an epiphany: Jerry’s and my life were more connected than I had realized! My dad was a classically-trained musician. He played the piano/organ at church and other venues; and, directed church/school choirs. Likewise, all of us children had to follow suit. Jerry’s dad was a self-taught bones player, sang in his church choir, and eventually partnered with Jerry in bones playing.


The sad part of this story is that both fathers died at a young age – my dad was 47, and Jerry’s dad was 59. But, the story does not end there. Both fathers imparted a great and grand love of music to Jerry and me. Sharon Mescher


Letter to ther Editor – 2006. As you may know, the next RBS newsletter will be one filled with personal reflections and pictures of the first ten years of Bones Fests. A bit of background behind the Reflections newsletter. The idea for this special edition came from the creative mind of Mel Mercier, and of course, Steve Wixson is doing the hard work of putting it together.


Last fall Steve sent out a call for help in editing. I volunteered, but only if no one else wanted to do it. So, we are at the point of sending out another plea for each of you to send me your reflections. As a  reminder, here is Steve’s format for your writing: a) one to two sentences of your best memories about each Bones Fest that you attended; and, b) several sentences that sum up your thoughts about your experiences over the last 10 years of being a part of RBS. (Thirteen people have submitted their memories, thoughts. From a personal point of view, I can tell you that I have enjoyed, immensely, reading these people’s reflections. Each one has it’s own flavor and humor. I am looking forward to the publication of this issue!)

Just as we ponder over the passing year, looking forward to a new one, we are asking that you take a few  moments and reflect on the year(s) that you have attended the Bones Fests – with anticipation for many wonderful and fun years to come. We will put together a memorable  newsletter, and one, I believe, we all will treasure. Please send us me reflections as soon as possible! We look forward to receiving every one. Sharon Mescher.