Gordon Maddocks

Gordon is that rarest of creatures-a rhythm bones player. a musical curiosity dating back to ancient China. Gordon’s been setting toes-a-tappin’ for more than 35 years – with his hand crafted instruments. and recently went down a storm on ITV’s Michael Bareymore’s, “My Kind of Music.”


His dream is to one day stage a Michael Flatley Riverdancesque extravaganza, complete with long line of chorus girls, all dressed in short skirts playing rhythm bones.  But until then, he can be found performing his art at the Red Lion pub, Whitehall Road, and the Klngsdown Wine Vaults, Bristol.


Gordon, aged 40, from Broomhill, was taught the nuances and subtleties of rhythm bones playing by his dad, Edwud, aged 74 and now living in Australia.