Tom Lockhart

and Paw Broom

Contributed Peofile

My name is Tom Lockhart and I come from Bannockburn,  Scotland. Myself and my good friend Paw Broon both mastered the Bones after being blown away by a two handed player we had the opportunity to hear down at a folk festival in Edale, England. They took a bit of learning but we mastered the technique and are in demand at all sorts of folk music events especially Paw who is like a Chinook Helicopter in full flight, they sound beautiful miked up. The bones I own which are about seventy years old and made of ebony have a deep stinging rattle to them. They used to belong to a professional entertainer whose daughter gave me them and told me he appeared playing them on very early BBC Radio programmes. The best sound I ever made from bones was from real whale bones, very heavy and an indescribable sound; they were also very old. I wrote to Tromso  in Norway to try and obtain a piece of whale bone to manufacture my own as they are still allowed to take whales there for scientific purposes but to no avail. I enjoyed visiting your website. I am presently on an oil rig in the middle of the North Sea. Good luck to the world’s fellow bones players. It is amazing the enjoyment the ‘Worlds Smallest Percussion Instrument’ can bring to so many people with a lot of them to asking, “What  is that you are playing?”;  just like I did as they have never ‘clapped’ eyes on them before. I once played them in Mexico with a ‘Macharachi Band’. They loved them and asked what they were . I told them “Scottish Castanets”.