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I started playing the bones in the mid 1990s after hearing them on an album by Spider John Koerner. I currently play with the Tanglers and Saltpeter in the San Francisco bay area. I like playing along with many styles of music, traditional American, Irish, European, Middle-Eastern, African, Funk, Jazz…even Beatles singalongs around the campfire. I also play a little concertina and tin whistle. I make my own bones, mostly out of exotic hardwoods, in several shapes and sizes, including some with leather striking areas or grips. I often use a thick, ungainly pair of bone bones (from the butcher) in my left hand, because I like the sound. You can see and hear more at my website,, including a brief introductory lesson with animations.

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le & Bones Ragtime Duet

Guitar and Bones Duet

Bones Guy 

Ukulele & Bones

All-Ireland Bones Championship

Jeff shows a technique to quiet bones, removing some high “clicky” overtones, and giving them a rounder, warmer sound in either performing of practice.

Wrapped Bones