Tony Humphries

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It amazes me to think I have been playing rhythm bones since I was twelve.  I started playing rhythm bones in my school days about 1942 made out of slate from the bombed buildings  As you can imagine they didn’t last very long, and no one taught us as we picked up playing ourselves. I made progress.  Someone gave me a set of rhythm bones, real bone slim and light, and I still have them today, along with my sets, including slate and wood. I still prefer the bones I received when I was a young man.


I did not know that your group of rhythm bone players existed. I have read all the pages on your web site, and I really find it very exciting. The standard of bone playing is very high, I am just lost for words when I read about the Bones Fests, The Bones: Ancient To Modern by Sue E Barber and the interest in trying to teach playing the bones. I only know one other rhythm bone player he is a school pal who emigrated to Canada many years ago. We are still good friends, and we often talk about rhythm bones.


Added in 2021.  Zoom has brought a new dimension across the world. Well done to all those involved.
I am still playing rhythm bones, single handed only, the odd charity spot, including playing the Bodhram which I would recommend any rhythm bone player to have ago. You can let the rhythm of your rhythm bones playing help you enormously to play this lovely drum. I will leave my details above as they are. I think the photo compliments me taken when I visited the group in New Bedford MA in 2006 with my lovely grandson Andy. He is happily married with a young child, a daughter. I would have loved to see the RBS again, but the years have built up age wise, and it won’t be possible I’m afraid. 92 years of age and still enjoying life. I play crown green bowls, Croquet, and I’m in an art class.


So glad that I am a rhythm bone player as I have made many friends, playing from the age of Ten. Keep up the good work. I love reading how the RBS is doing. Will try and send a video of latest song. Hope you are all well, and enjoying life. Give my regards to all who might remember Andrew and I. All the very best, Tony.