Heidi Hess-Bynum

Fest Profile

Though a novice rhythm bones player, is proficient with several musical instruments. She plays the banjo, including minstrel banjo, fiddle, cello, and bowed psaltery with the Heartland Dulcimer Club, the viola with the New Albany Community Orchestra, and will be teaching ukulele classes for the Kentuckiana Association of Musicians and Singers this summer. She has taught fiddling at the Ohio Valley Gathering and the Heartland Dulcimer Festival. Despite her classical training, Heidi grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where she was exposed to fiddling, folk, and country music at an early age. Heidi is especially interested in 19th century American music up to the early days of radio. Her interest in minstrelsy led her to pick up a pair of rhythm bones. Heidi makes her living as a corporate trainer, has an interest in photography, and lives in Radcliff, Kentucky with her husband, two rescue dogs, one mean cat, one nice cat, and a small rabbit.