Al Grant

Contributed Profile

This is to introduce you to the Grant family of Toronto, Ontario Canada. My father,-Jack, who passed away in 1999 at the young age of 91 taught me to play the bones at age 8—which I have been playing ever since. Played many times in shows, fairs etc. Dad had been playing all his life and I still have the bones he used. My daughter Alana took up the bones playing while in college—so now she continues the history—(we now need to teach her kids—see attached picture.) I will try and find a picture of my father Jack, myself and Alana all playing in the same picture and forward. I have never heard anyone else play, other than the Grant family members and would look forward to becoming more involved in the ‘bones’ community. We are located in Toronto Canada but grew up in Hastings County—a rural, farm area. The attached picture shows my daughter Alana ( expecting her third baby Gracie) and myself at our cabin up north—having fun!