Bob Goulet

Chance Meeting Joe Birl

I was fortunate enough to be taught to play the rhythm bones at the very young age of seven. Sometimes in life, despite tragic events, good circumstances arise that stay with you all your life.  It all started at the age of three when I battled Polio Mialitis for the next two and a half years. Physio Therapy was difficult for a young kid to do year after year without getting totally disinterested and rebelling.


The small Religious Nun in the convent I lived in after my mother’s death took it upon herself to make sure I did all these exercises. She had been taught to play rhythm bones by her father in Cape Breton N.S. when she was a young girl and figures music and bones would motivate me to exercise my arms. It worked because I loved rhythm bones and the music. I especially, in later years enjoyed the rarity of rhythm bones.


Letter to the Editor – 2012. Just got back from an accordion festival in Moncton N.B. Our band ” Le Vent Des Cantons” (The Township Breeze) played a total of 6 different stages in Moncton for this event. The Bones were prevalent in each show and people just loved to see them played. Four of the events were widely covered by the C.B.C. T.V. —Global T.V.— C.T.V , as well. Tough to do so many shows in such a short period of time. One show at the Lions’ Club lasted almost four hours backing up some 35 Accordion, Guitar, Mouth Organ and many other players. Taught bones playing to six new would be interested players who bought bones that I make. Told them all they would be invited to play on stage with me next year as motivation to get them really interested.. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to Orlando this August (I would have loved to go) as the  band is booked for three different gigs around Quebec, then Sept 8th we will be in Woonsocket R.I. for two more concerts there. This really fills our schedule up for a bit. If anyone is interested in getting a copy of our latest CD, just look at our Web page and we would be pleased to sent one along to ya. Keeping the beat—Bob Goulet  “The Quebec Bone”