Ari Erlbaum

My first exposure to rhythm bones came at the NEFFA festival in 2009. It was a workshop with three amazing bones players and super cool demonstrations. After my picking up my jaw from the floor and cleaning up my exploded brain from the walls, I knew I had to learn to play these things.


My friend gave me an old set of bones she wasn’t using, and I was off! Since then, I have played them incessantly and carved my own bones from whatever woods I can find. I’ve even started selling a few pairs (look on YouTube for Exploding Stegosaurus Rhythm Bones).


I have taught at DownEast Country Dance Festival and led a workshop at Middle Fiddle Camp


2022. I’m not the best with virtual events, but I do hope to return to a Bones Fest one of these years. Thanks for putting together a sweet new website! And hope to see you whenever we can see people more!  Ari