Dan Dwyer

Contributed Profile

Dan was killed October 14, 2003 in a motercycle accident. A tribute by his former band members is at http://www.tinkersown.com. Dan was the lead singer of The Tinker’s Own, a celtic-style band in Orange County California. One day at a festival, he saw a friend clicking some sticks together. He said they were bones he had made out of teak. When Dan asked him where he could get a pair, he said he couldn’t get them to work and gave me his. At that point, Dan felt somewhat committed to learning them.


After a long period of self instruction, he then whacked away on a number of jigs and reels. His favorite was “The Morning Dew” which is the lead cut on a CD, “Bending the Banshee’s Ear.” He was told that his style wass unique which isn’t too surprising considering his teacher.