Ernie Duffy

Fun With Ernie

I was born and raised in a small New Hampshire town called Thornton. My elementary class had less than 16 kids in it. Most everyone was a local so we knew our friends’ siblings, parents and grandparents.


I had lots of hobbies growing up but most of them were with the older crowd. I didn’t have much in common with my peers so I never cared much for the party crowd. I enjoyed hunting, fishing and gardening. The outdoors was always my playground.


I don’t recall my family having much of a musical background. My sister, brother and I did attend the local grange and they held square dances on occasion, so we all liked that type of music. I was always tapping my toes and moving my feet anytime a song with a beat was played.


The Blake Mountain Band was the group that played most of the local square dances. Lester Bradley was the caller and he loved to instruct people how to dance. It was so much fun to have several squares full of experienced dancers as well as brand new folks. I loved attending those monthly dances.


One time when the Blake Mountain Band was playing, a jolly old guy named Shorty Boulet joined them and played rhythm bones with gusto. He was obviously having fun and added a new level to the dance. I later told Debbie “If I had a pair of bones, I could play them.” That year for Christmas I received a pair and soon began annoying the family with my constant practicing!