Gray Cox

Fest Profile

Gray Cox grew up in Bar Harbor, Maine, and lives there now, teaching philosophy, peace studies and language learning at College of the Atlantic. His writings have included The Ways of Peace: A Philosophy of Peace as Action and another book he is currently revising: Ethics, Artificial Intelligence and the Big Freaking Problems. He is a founder and Clerk of the Quaker Institute for the Future and has been long interested and active on justice, community development and spirit led research and activism in human ecology.


He has been a singer/songwriter since age 8, and plays guitar, bones and clarinet. While his first roots were Bob Dylan, the Weavers and Joni Mitchell he has gone on to take inspiration from a wide range of others including Sweet Honey in the Rock, Ani DiFranco, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Silvio Rodriguez,, Louis Armstrong, Gandhi and anyone who sings from the heart for justice, peace and love. He started playing bones two decades ago, learning them first from French Canadians. He has written original tunes for performance with bones including, for example, a song celebrating the annual “Bar Island Swim” at College of the Atlantic, “No Fear of the Sea” which can be heard at: