Martha Cowett

Webmaster (1999-2002)

A Reflection

For me each Bones Fest has had some significant outstanding event, typically it was some player that just blew my doors off and brought Bones playing to a new height. Bones Fest IV, although the playing was terrific, was a bit different. At one point I was asked what did I enjoy the most or find most impressive. With only a moment or two of thought I stated, rather biased, my nephew Ramsey’s playing was the most impressive.


Then I went home and thought about it and I have come up with something different. For me the most significant part of this Festival was all of the one on one stories I heard from the participants of the festival on how playing bones has touched, changed, and affected their lives. How playing the bones really makes a difference in their lives and how connecting with this group and this instrument is now a significant part of their life -and IT’S ALL IN A GOOD WAY! I am blown away, truly. I want to thank everyone who participated at the fest and shared their story with me. Thanx! Martha Cowett