Dan Cowett

Founding Member

Meritorious Service Award

Died March 16, 2014


Daniel Andrew Cowett, who died at age 52, ran the audio at a dozen Bones Fests making them run smooth and performers look professional.


Dan seldom played rhythm bones on stage, however, the April Homepage Video of the Month shows his audio engineering and some rare rhythm bones playing, one with his father, Everett Cowett, the father of the Rhythm Bones Society, on an Irish Fest stage at Bones Fest in Milwaukee, and a second with his sister, Martha, and brother, John, at last year’s Bones Fest. Here’s some remembrances.


Dan was always a welcoming and fun-loving member of the RBS family. He was also the best sound guy ever. Not only could Dan resolve any technical sound issue we faced, but he had a special knack for making us feel comfortable on stage and taking away the edge. His easy-going and reassuring presence turned any audio problem or concern into no problem at all. Then there were his peculiar musical skills – such as composing wacky songs and playing weird jaw harps! Dan was a truly unique person and Bones Fest will never be the same without him.