Tom Connolly

Tom’s Profile

I’ve been playing and making rhythm bones since 1979 in Galway, then later in Cork, Ireland. Around 2010 I heard about the Rhythm Bones Society and it was fantastic to know there were like-minded people who love rhythm bones! I sell rhythm bones on my website and so far I’ve sent nearly 200 pairs to 21 countries.


I’ve intended to go to a Bones Fest since then and in 2018 the dream came true when my wife, Brid, and I attended Bones Fest XXII in Lincoln, New Hampshire! I sell rhythm bones on my website,, and so far I’ve sent over 200 pairs to 24 countries. I also make a jig doll called Reeling Ray, and a washboard derivative called the BoneBoard.


Letter to the Editor – 2018.  I made a few pairs of rhythm bones early this year for a lady in LA,  and lo and behold as a thank you gift she sent me a set of Joe Birl bones in their original packing! They now occupy a proud place in the corner of my attic office where I display memorabilia from my life. I was amazed at how small Joe’s bones are compared to mine. You can see the very first pair I made in 1979 – they are about the same length as his but chunkier. Over the years I have slimmed down my rib bones and added to their length – although as anyone who makes real bones will know – it all depends on the bone! Joe was a fantastic influence and I wish I had had the opportunity to meet him. Tom Connolly