King Bennett

Camptown Shakers Band

Have you ever heard our CDs? They are sold at Civil War reenactments and battlefield parks like Gettysburg. We play all the time at Gettysburg, in all the taverns or you can find us by doing a search on the Camptown Shakers. We do old time music and minstrel songs to the set up of a minstrel band with jawbone, fiddle banjo and I play bones and tambourine.


I have a different style, something that I made up, sort of marching drum rhythm with bones. Didn’t know how to do it, just played what came out. I play bones on about half the songs and tambourine on  the other half. We are considered one of the most authentic (gut strings and all.) You might look at George Wonderlick‟s web page, “wonder banjos” as he makes all the instruments and a fine bones player too. We are so busy playing gigs (we will do the Philadelphia Folk Fest and such) and the dead heads love us. We would love to play live for you if possible one day, but we live way up here. I would love to hear 1000 bones played to our music. Get a CD from Tracy at and check us out. I’m sure you will love playing along with us. King Bennett