Adam, Greg

Greg Adams

Banjo Historian

Greg is a musician, archivist, and rhythm bones enthusiast who lives and works in the DC-metro area. He holds a BA in music history from Youngstown State University (2001) and master’s degrees in library and information sciences (2004) and ethnomusicology (2012) from the University of Maryland, College Park. Greg’s ethnomusicological work is grounded in critical heritage research and programming focused on the multicultural history of the banjo.


Letter to the Editor – 2011. I spent four days (March 17-20) teaching banjo at Suwannee Banjo Camp in Florida. I was impressed by the number of people learning to play the bones that came out of the woodwork once they realized that I played as well. Bones playing was not part of the schedule, but once I realized that at least 6-8 camp attendees were interested (some of whom already had their own sets), I made time to get together with people to go over rudiments and offer tips on how to blend in with old-time banjo/fiddle music. I think more people are asking questions not only about the history of playing bones, but also looking for more opportunities to play. It’s a notable sign. BTW, here’s a video that includes me playing bones as part of the faculty concert during the camp ( You can hear me in the background, but I eventually get a chance to briefly “solo” during one of the breaks. I’ll keep doing my part in sharing with people as opportunities arise. I’m glad that RBS’ website is updated so that I can direct interested individuals in your direction. Best Regards, Greg Adam


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