David Marin

David “Doctor Hamfat” Marin – I have been a harmonica player for 50 years and during that time I also played washboard. I partnered many years with Jimmie Stagger and accompanied or partnered with musicians ranging from Honeyboy Edwards to Lazy Lester to Bo Diddley to Bukka White to Buddy Guy and dozens more famous or unknown good national acts and bad bar bands than I can recall or you would recognize.


About 30 years ago I was given a pair of maple bones and after long effort I learned to play a triplet. My friend of over 30 years, the great orchestral percussionist, Bill Vits, has been my inspiration in recent years to get more serious about hand drums and bones. I am a wood carver/sculptor and make bones out of anything that “has a set of them” in it; mostly repurposing old flooring but any material is fair game from cow bone to plexiglass. I also have some “real ones” from Steve Brown and Sandor Slomovitz. I prefer to play Irish style – one handed – most of the time, occasionally with a harp in a rack.   David Marin in Cedar Springs, MI – doctorhamfat@gmail.com