Steam Bent Rhythm Bones

by Hans Weehuizen and Rik Homan

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30 years ago I learned to play Bones from Shanty Jack in the UK. Now after so many years I still play the Bones when I sing Sea-songs and Shantys with my Shanty group, “Enkhuizen 3.”  A few years after I learned to play, I started to give workshops in the Netherlands and England titled, “How to Play the Bones,” to help beginners learn the basics principles.


Around the same time I started with my friend Rik Homan to make the Bones from the African wood, Wenge, which we still do at Rik’s workshop. It has a nice sound and is not too loud to sing with.  The process we use to steam bend the bones is shown in the photographs below.


I sell the Bones and send them to every place on earth!! Selling price for one pair Bones is $17.50 or €15 plus postage cost.

Complete package, Bones, little booklet with pictures and C.D and explanation and also 8 Sea-songs/Shantys for practicing is $35 or €30, plus postage.


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Magic Steam Box

Ready for steaming

Quick to bending mall

Good in line

   Good in Line

Bending round

Drying with hot air canon

Making round cornersl

Making round corners

Rough sanding

Fine sanding



Testing 2

Finished with Teak oil