by Robe Kessler

The Chlefeli is the Swiss version of rhythm bones, and one maker is Robi Kessler from Schwyz, Switzerland. There is a video that shows exactly how he makes his Chlefeli, and it can be found at Click on the Chlefeli? Tab , scowl to the bottom and play the video.


In addition to clips on how he makes his Chlefeli, there are clips of bands and dances that reveal some nice Swiss culture.


At 2:00 minutes into the video there is a very good player and at 6:10 there are three girls who play together.


Robi does not speak English and I do not speak German.. We communicate via email and use a language translator—for me, It actually works quite well. You can also use this translator to translate parts or all of the web pages into English. Steve Wixson