Tom Connolly’s Irish Bones

Tom’s Profile


I make bones as a hobby that pays the bills for my music habit :-). I’m a self taught player, mostly use one pair but I love playing two handed as well, to Irish trad music mostly, but I like to play to any music with a good beat. I also play banjo, mandolin, bodhran and a little piano, accordion and ukulele.


I also make the odd jig doll and have a character called Reeling Ray based on my Dad.
I made my first pair of bones in 1979 and I still have them. They are still one of my favourite pairs. I like to make different sizes and shapes of bones and I love getting different tones from them. I make mostly ribs, and some shins. I have customised bones for a few people and love the challenge of meeting different preferences. Finally I decorate all my bones with simple logos and love when people ask for specific designs/logos/dedications.


I supply all my bones with a carry bag, tied together neatly so you can’t lose one, and a small leaflet describing how I play. I believe that in the world there is at least one playing style and one size-shape preference per bones player!  Slán go fóill, Tom