Bones Fest XXI

August 24-26, 2017 – San Antonio, TX
Host: Dennis Riedesel
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Steve Brown
Ron Bruschi
Jonathan Danforth
Mardeen and Randy Gordon
Skeff Flynn


“Lots of cool things happened” at BFXXI! Dennis appropriately named this fest, “The Harvey Fest”. Even with Hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas, the fourteen attendees were treated to a most memorable fest. Instead of providing Bones Fest XXII T-shirts, Dennis had us dress in “cowboy reenactment clothing and accouterments which were promptly utilized to turn everyone into the cowboy idiom ‘drugstore cowboy – all hat but no cows.'”


Because of a smaller attendance, we had more time for personal visiting and exchanging bones-playing tricks. We performed at the Alamo and were treated to the IMAX film, Alamo: The Price of Freedom. Dennis was a re-enactor and wardrobe crew member in the film.


As Dennis wrote for the RBP Newsletter (Vol. 19, #3, p. 566), the attendees “…performed in Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders bar of renown


– The Menger Bar. And then they were promptly thrown out of the bar. Some people get thrown out of a bar just once for playing bones, but I have now been thrown out of this bar twice!!”

Rain, snow, a major hurricane, or being thrown out of a bar, will never deter bones players from letting the world know that they do exist!