Bones Fest XV

San Antonio, TX – August 24-27, 2017
Host: Dennis Riedesel
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Mary Lee & Frank Sweet

Steve Brown

Spike Bones

Sky & Jessye Engagement



I really enjoyed being with all of you during Bones Fest XV. I hope you enjoyed San Antonio and all the activities. On Friday and Saturday mornings, all the attendees gathered at the Alamo Courtyard to jam and play for many spectators. A first for most of the attendees included a delicious meal served on the dinner cruise.


A big “Thank You” goes out to Walt Watkins, who had contracted with “Jay and Tammy”, to play for the weekend’s jam sessions. The duo was wonderful. The fest musicians shared with me that they enjoyed this event because of the talented bones players, and playing for the the jam sessions. I asked them about the talent of the bones players. Their response was, “Wow”!


Performance highlights for me: Sky and Dana shifting through the gears into super overdrive; it was all I could do to keep up; Jessye and Sky’s duets on Celtic Fiddle and Bones were a treat; Mary Lee and Frank Sweet’s sets were enjoyable; and Randy’s silver spoon bones were very interesting when applied to the waltz. Naturally all of the individual performances were wonderful for me to observe. It was interesting to watch each player fit their technique into the technique of their partners. I do not know why the Alamo staff were so interested in the bones. But, they thanked me for having this event. Thank you teachers; maybe we can actually get some new members.


With Steve Wixson’s encouragement I will be hosting Bones Fest XXI.