Bones Fest XIII

August 28-30, 2009 – Louisville, KY
Hosts: Gil and Linda Hibbens
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Walt Watkins & Mitch boss

Bill Vits


Once again, we had the pleasure of hosting Bones Fest XIII. First we thank Mike Carter for suggesting the Clifton Center in Louisville, KY. It turned out to be exactly what we needed: from seminar rooms, to a fully equipped kitchen, to a beautiful stage and theater seating!


On Friday night, we had a catered pizza part at the Clifton Center; enough pizza of various types and drinks to feed a small army! That night happened to be the birthday of Spike Bones’ mother and he had a special surprise for her – a cake and a “Happy Birthday” song. We had a wonderful selection of bones vendors, probably the largest selection we have seen to date. It was really fun to hear everyone picking up new bones and trying them out. Some of the sounds were just amazing! We want to thank Martha Cummings for letting us rope her into being the MC for the evening. We have to say she did one heck of a job. Her brother, Al Cowett, who was MC for many years, better watch out! Martha, you are the best!!


Steve Brown was dearly missed as he had a last minute emergency involving his son, Jeremy. We are happy to report that Jeremy is doing fine. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Brown researching and arranging for the live music we had at this year’s event. The Dixieland Band, The Rascals of Ragtyme, were just awesome – they ROCKED! Our Ceili Band was just as amazing with Jonathan Danforth on fiddle, Kenny Wolin on concertina, and Teri Davies on her Martin guitar. They were joined by local musicians, Cathy Wilde on flute and whistle, and Larry Green on fiddle. Amazing how everyone who played with this group did so with precision and FUN! A big highlight was when Kenny Wolin proposed to Teri Davies on stage. He dropped to one knee, and in front of all of us, popped the question. Teri was stunned; she said, “YES!” How cool is that? Gil and Linda Hibben