Bones Fest XII

October 17-19, 2008 – St Louis, MO
Hosts: Spike Bones and Scott Miller

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Bones Fest II Promotion

We raised and lowered the flag on BFXII and carried the RBS banner forward through the Arch and back again. And now, onward to BFXII!!! It was an honor to serve with co-host Scott Miller in bringing our great Bones Fest to St. Louis, Missouri. It was a mighty big city for a wee group, but we were welcomed, honored and graciously served by the folks at the office of Mayor Francis Slay, who proclaimed this festival as Bones Fest XII Weekend. The Crowne Plaza Hotel, as well as the faculty and staff at the University of Missouri-St. Louis were just as welcoming.



Our group was small, but we carried our rhythm bones high, and left a large historical footprint in the gateway, along-side footprints of Lewis and Clark, Mark Twain, and President Barack Obama, who stepped right on top of our riverboat cruise and arch-riverfront celebration. I am referring to the last minute cancellation of our riverboat cruise because of security concerns for the Obama/Biden political rally. What happens when you plan a party for 50, and 100,000 show up and they are not there to hear bones? I guess someone thought a boat load of bones players could be a dangerous thing.


We are reminded that rhythm bones playing is a part of our history and continues on in spite of history. In the Rhythm Bones Player Newsletter, we promised that BFXII would have these four elements: 1) lots of bones playing; 2) reunion of old and new friends; 3) the teaching and learning of all things bones; and, 4) lots of bones playing. That we did, thanks to all the support, creative input, hard work and hard play by the RBS Board members, all the BFXII participants, and “Show Me Bones Family” volunteers. The bad news for all of you who could not attend is that you missed a great festival. The double good news is that, Bones Fest XII: The Movie, will soon be coming to a DVD player near you. This DVD will not only document BFXII events but will also include greetings and boning by members who were unable to attend. As our clock strikes 12, BFXII will always be a celebration of twelve great Bones Festivals. Spike Bones