Bones Fest XI

August 16-19, 2007 – Newburg, WI
Hosts: David Boyles and Don Gilmore
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“WOW!! How do they do that? What a hoot!!! I don’t believe it!!! Those people are great!!! That’s the most fun I had in a long, long time!!! Etc., etc., etc.” The accolades kept rolling in from folks who came to the evening shows. Most came with not a clue of what to expect, and left as believers in the rhythm bones. In a few words — Bones Fest XI, held on August 18-20, 2007, was a magical weekend!!!


What made it magical? Maybe the setting (Riveredge Nature Center is a special place), the weather, the food/drink, the organization or Irish Fest? Sure all that helped to create the atmosphere needed to make the weekend special, but the true magic was YOU!!! YOU, Rhythm Bones Society people who cared enough to come from all over the country to connect, to play, to listen, to teach and to learn. That’s where the magic came from.


Many people gave many hours to make Bones Fest XI happen…a heartfelt “Thank You” is in order for the following: a. The Rhythm Bones Society and the Board of Directors for having the faith that we could do this and the freedom to do it our way; b. The Riveredge Nature Center who co-sponsored the event and provided the logistical support; c. A special mention to the following people: Kathy Gordon (brochures, forms, all printing and kept us moving), LaVonne Suring (registration), Tammy Lorge (accounting), Lynne Bergschultz (T-shirt design), Laura and Tony Kasshin (T-shirt production), Barb Gilmore (food/drink), and all the others who volunteered in the planning, running, and clean-up for Bones Fest XI; d. The bands, Finbar McCa-rthy, Razzmatazz, and Frogwater, who made Friday dinner, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning special happenings. But the real thanks go to you, the Bones Fest participants, who took the time to come and share with each other your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your skill, your art. Lots of factors make an event special, but the people make the magic. Thank you. Oh, yeah, on top of everything else, Bones Fest XI did even make a little money. Dave Boyles and Don Gilmore