Bones Fest X

July 28-30, 2006 – New Bedford, MA
Hosts: Jonathan And Melissa Danforth
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Bones Fest X was held in New Bedford, MA, with Friday night and Saturday daytime events at the Gallery X building and the Saturday night’s public events at a nearby church. This was the largest fest in terms of attendees with 89 paid, plus a few guests. Melissa and Jonathan Danforth were our hosts and here is how they remember it.



Jonathan: Hey all, this is Jonathan.
Melissa: and Melissa



J: And we’d like to welcome you to our reminisces of Bones Fest X.
M: It was hot, a lot of work, and involved a whole lot of running around, but I’d like to think it was a success overall.



J: Of course it was stressful at times (and you have the herniated disc to prove it), but we knew it would be; we’d had plenty of warning from past hosts, and we’d been planning it for more than two years.
M: I remember how we started making notes and plans on the long drive back from Bones Fest VIII in Virginia.



J: Actually I remember you starting to make T-shirt design sketches on airline napkins while heading back from Bones Fest VII in Louisville!