Bones Fest VIII

August 20-22, 2004 – Reston, VA
Host: Sally Carroll

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Bones Fest VIII (or “V, eye, eye, eye” as our MC, Al Cowett put it) was hosted by Sally and Terry Carroll and held by the beautiful Lake Anne Plaza in Reston, VA on August 20-22, 2004.


On Friday, Sally added workshops to the Bones Fest tradition. Ev Cowett taught a Beginner’s workshop, Jim Lande a wood bones making workshop, while Kenny Wolin taught an Advanced Bones workshop which led to advanced workshops at later Fests.


Saturday’s individual performances were varied and innovative from period costumes to “tambones” (ask Spike Bones)!


Saturday night saw a couple of comedic performances, Bill Vits’ amazing technique while sporting a leopard skinned and tassled lamp shade on his head (a la Spike Jones), and Steve Brown and Steve Wixson (wearing a long blond wig) imitating Jerry Mescher and Bernie Worrell’s brother/sister duo act.


Steve Brown put it so well when he described meeting other rhythm bones players at a Fest is like we are all platypuses who think we’re the only ones until we meet our brethren!.