Bones Fest VII

July 25-27, 2003 – Louisville, KY
Hosts – Gil and Linda Hibbens
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Russ Myers on Etiquette and Styles

Bones Fest VII was hosted by Gil and Linda Hibben in Louisville, KY, on July 25, 26, &, 27, 2003. The host hotel was the Holiday Inn Downtown located three blocks from the Kentucky Theatre where the events took place. Prior to the reception on Friday evening, bones players who were here a day early were featured on 3 separate TV shows.


Friday night was a reception at the Kentucky Theatre where heavy hors d’ouvres were catered by Linda Hibben and sister-in-law, Sally Cochran. Dr. Sandra Graves provided her original paintings and flower arrangements to set the tone for a very welcoming reception area. There was plenty of jamming and fun for all.


Saturday morning opened at the Kentucky Theatre with coffee and pastries and the show began…what fun!! Everyone who wanted to get up and play had the opportunity and everyone was fantastic!! The event was professionally videoed by dear friends, Mike and Janet Carter. Both lunch and dinner were served at Cunningham’s, a very well known Louisville restaurant, just 1/2 block from the Kentucky Theatre.


Can’t forget to mention the T-shirts. Picked up 100 on the Tuesday before the Fest. Linda and I were sitting at a stop light when I discovered they spelled Louisville, WRONG!!! Anyway, the T-shirt company was more than embarrassed, and had another 100 printed correctly within 48 hours.


Saturday night was the public performance and it was awesome. The 200 seat theatre was packed and people were standing in the aisles. People who never heard of “playing the bones”, were grinning from ear to ear and clapping like crazy after each performer finished.