Bones Fest VI

August 2-4, 2002 – Greensboro, NC
Hosts: Cowett Family
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.Bones Fest VI was again hosted by Ev Cowett and family at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. This was a catered affair with: a reception on Friday night, lunch on Saturday, a banquet on Saturday night. We also had the use of several buildings on the campus.


Many of the attendees stayed in campus housing, and breakfasts were served in their cafeteria. Steve Brown remembers sharing a room with Jonathan Danforth. He had only connected with him the year before. They stayed up really late talking, reminiscing about grandfather, Percy, and other things.


This fest had one of the best facilities as shown in the photograph at the bottom of page 10. It was a planetarium (without its projector) with terrific sound system and acoustics. Sharon Mescher remembers being inspired by the energy of Vivian Cox and rocker Dan Griffith. Mary Lee Sweet has some nice memories of BFVI on page 19.


BFVI was Mike Hannan’s first Fest. “What a treat to see and meet so many other bones players and, yes, even to realize that I was not the greatest bones player in the world – not even close! What fun I had especially at the jam session on the opening night when the most bones players I had ever seen were jamming together, having snacks and meeting other participants. I hit my best licks on the bones that night and started a very enlightening and fun weekend with a bunch of great folks. I was amazed by the number of styles employed to make rhythm with a couple of sticks!”