Bones Fest IX

July 8-10 2005 – Chattanooga, TN
Hosts: Steve and Janet Wixson
Summary       Original Story

Bones Fest IX returned to Chattanooga five years after Bones Fest IV. In many ways it was Bones Fest IV. The venue was again the Wixson home and the Mountain Opry building (see BFIV article on Page 8).


Members brought their musical instruments including Kenny Wolin’s xylophone, to Donny DeCamp’s banjo which he used to lead jam sessions on the outside deck. The food was among the best of all the fests and included a home cooked Italian dinner.


The performances continue to get better with each fest. Several people were interviewed on video tape. We need to preserve all of this history. Next year will be the 10th Bones Fest. Hard to believe. Steve Wixson