Bones Fest IV

September 22-24, 2000 – Chattanooga, TN
Hosts: Steve and Janet Wixson
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“A happening, fantastic, outstanding, wow! Like a family reunion!” Typical comments received after Bones Fest IV. The quantity and quality of bones players was truly impressive.


Bones Fest IV was hosted by Steve and Janet Wixson in Signal Mountain and Walden, TN.

It was a three day event based on people’s comments about traveling for only one day. The wonderful Friday night reception given by Steve and Janet was a real bones ‘click-off’. The musical CD arranged by Steve had something for everyone and don’t forget his BoneDrums. The pure sound of the bones will never be the same.


Forty-four participants attended the fest. The Saturday public performance was incredible. The list of all the bones players who were so impressive is extensive. This list can be found in the Rhythm Bones Player Newsletter, Vol. 2, No.4, 2000.


A common refrain from bones fests’ attendees is that the most fun is the spontaneous boning and jam sessions. Everyone at this fest got into the act with the help from local musicians, Don Sarrell, Rufus Elliott and Randy Minor.


The Rhythm Bones Society met on Saturday and re-elected the entire slate of officers and board members to serve for another year. “May your bones be with you.”  Ev Cowett