Parker Waite – Aluminum

Parker makes the Aluminum bones out of flat stock Aircraft Aluminum #6061 that is 
1” wide X 3/16” thick (with no curve). That numerical designation is critical as it 
identifies the alloy that has the potential for the pleasingly unique and varying sound
possible.  Other aluminum alloys are flat by comparison. The flat stock comes in 8’ 
pieces. He chops the pieces to various lengths: 4 11/16”- 6 1/2”. He uses an aluminum 
file to remove burrs  and round edges. And up to 3,000 grit sand paper to polish the 
pieces up.

Parker discovered these bones while working on a sculptural project “The Snake River 
System” Patrick Zentz was building in Ontario, Oregon in 2008. The Project was part
 of the Oregon Percent For Art Program, funded by the Art in Architecture Program
 U.S. General Services Administration.

In the process of building a wind driven musical instrument he was chopping tone bars 
out of the Aluminum flat stock. The clatter made by the cut Aluminum pieces as they 
hit the ground gave him the idea BONES.