William Rexroad

Died May 6, 2014

Finds Egyptian Bones
Getting Kids Started

Former member William Rexroad died at age 81 in 2014. Bill was active when our society was first organized writing several articles for the new Rhythm Bones Player newsletter.


Bill was a self-taught rhythm bones player, and was inspired late in life to take it up from a lingering memory of having seen a rhythm bones player in his childhood. Bill played real animal bones that he made himself.


Music was Bill’s pastime throughout his life. He played in symphony orchestras for 50 years, including 33 years in the Hutchinson Symphony. He played in bluegrass bands, old-time bands and was a performing artist with the Kansas Arts Commission. In addition to his music, he toured the central United States for several years as a storyteller, and was a stage manager, emcee, and workshop presenter at national festivals. He used rhythm bones in his storytelling/music performances. Children in particular were delighted with his story about playing rhythm bones, then seeing a demonstration of the art.