Mike Passerotti's YouTube/Vimeo Video Summary

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Rhythm Bones is a musical instrument.  And yet playing bones is a performing art.  Take a walk through videos of many bones artists and discover new styles, new movements, new/old costumes, and new sounds.  I spent some 15 years thinking that bones was only a blues and jazz type instrument.  Thanks to the internet and RBS, the truth is now known that rattling spans every continent, every tonque, every music style.  See what others are playing, and post your own video.  When you post your video, make sure you tell us about it so we can add it to the growing list.

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Aaron Plunket
Bones Intructional Video: Sample excerpt
Aaron Plunket
World Beat Sample
Abe Doron
Rhythm Bones Lesson - Abe Doron
Abe Doron
Bones playing - Rhythm Bones By Abe Doron
Abe Doron
Rhythm Bones Lesson - Abe Doron
Alan Purves
Alan 'Gunga' Purves plays the bones
Albert Mescher and Jerry Mescher
Ted Mack - Albert & Jerry Mescher
Ana Mitchell
Rhythm Bones - El Choclo
Anthony Gibson (LimerickLad25)
Myself (LimerickLad25) playing the Bones
Exploding Stegosaurus Rhythm Bones
Barry "Bones" Patton
Barry Patton World Class Bones player
Barry "Bones" Patton
Learning The Bones
Barry "Bones" Patton
Bones Player
Barry "Bones" Patton
Playing the 'Bones' - Winfield, KS
Bernie Worrell
The Bones - Octoberfest 2011 - Miami
Bhugra Khan
Khartaal, Sarangi and Dhoalk : Rhythm of Rajasthan: Rajasthan Folk Music/Dance Culture - Bhugra Khan bones player, or Khartaal player
Bill Raies
Bill Raies Plays the Bones
Bill Vits
Bill Vits Bones & Drum Kit Workshop - Bones Fest XVII
Black Bart
After You've Gone
Bob Goulet
Rhythm Bones from Quebec
Boris Sichon
"Dueling Percussion" Boris Sichon & Matt Gordon
Brad Dutz
Bones & Bodhran for Black Sails - Bruce Carter, Brad Dutz
Brothers: Guy and Pip Gillette
Bones Fest XI G
Brothers: Guy and Pip Gillette
Gillette Brothers, Banjo and Bones

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