Bones Fest XXVII

September 7-10, 2023 – Campton , NH

Host: Sky and Jessye Bartlett

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Firstly and foremostly, thank you to every person who put in the time, effort and expense to come to Bones Fest this year. It is amazing that so many folks (35ish) made it; the rhythm bones community is a marvel to behold. For anyone who did not make it – and as a sweet reminiscence for those who did -, We will recap the events.


Thursday night about half of the attendees made it to appetizers and humble jamming at a local restaurant (formerly the old popsicle stick mill) where we had a small private room to ourselves. After that we met a few folks back at the Dole Mill who were staying the evenings with us. On Friday morning we started at about 10am with workshops and jamming, ate lunch and then back to workshops.


That evening we headed over to the White family’s house for wood-fired earth oven pizza and ice cream in their barn, along with some more jamming. Some folks ended up back at the Dole Mill for continued jamming until around 12am. Saturday started off with workshops that went until a communal lunch, after which we all took our group photo at the Campton Dam. Jessye took a large group on a hike up Rattlesnake trail in Holderness and they got to do some rattling on a mountain overview looking out over all the Squam lakes. While they hiked, the rest of us either visited, played or napped. Sky did all three.


Our next and last planned event was the Saturday night performance at the Campton Historical Society building where we subjected the locals and some family members to our unique abilities. After the concert, most everybody came back to the Dole Mill and jammed until pretty late. Sky and Jessye Bartlett