Virtual Bones Fest XXV is on July 24, 2021

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! through rain, and snow, and a world pandemic, the Rhythm Bones Society will not be deterred from carrying on the tradition of playing the Rhythm Bones! Once again Bones Fest, now an international event, is utilizing the internet to present Virtual Bones Fest XXV to gather players from literally all over the world! Imagine, 25 years of gathering in unity to play the bones, and share our knowledge and expertise! Building on last years Virtual Fest, we again present a variety of workshops, and presentations on a variety of subjects including: the essence of Irish bone playing, the essence of two handed bone playing, Applying Independence to the bones, Bone Tones- an examination of materials and the tones they make, How to improve your playing, and making bone bones, to name a few, presented by some of the best players including Kenny Wolin, Brad Dutz, Graham Hargrove, Junior Davey, Tommy Hayes, and Mel Mercier. There is no registration fee, but be sure to register today by filling out the registration form. And as Everett Cowette used to say, May your bones be with you!