Steve Brown on Bones Fest XXV

Well Virtual Bones Fest XXV is in the books, and was truly a litteral success! With over 60 attendees from a variety of countries around the world, it was again an international Bones Fest. Virtual will, in my opinion, never replace the thrill and connectedness of an in person bones fest, but clearly the advantage is in bringing people together who might never make it to an person gathering. the personal introductions by each participant is a real treat, and so good to hear from each and every person attending! Workshop highlights for me were Kenny’s Introduction to Independence, the Essence of Irish bone playing, Graham Hargroves Quad workshop, and Mel Merciers heartfelt introduction to Jerry Mescher. So many other great moments, and all of them will be available on the newly updated web site, an amazing and inspiring moment was the appearance of Aaron Plunkett, great percussionist and bones player who produced one of the most comprehensive bones instructional video’s. How great to have him attend a bones fest once again! Thanks to every one of the presenters, and attendee’s who truly made this an event for the ages!