Sharon Meschers’s Bones Fest XXV Reflections

The virtual Bones Fest XXV did not detract from the incredible workshops and the attendees bones playing. Even though we look forward to physically being together, this fest was a memorable one. The information and knowledge that was presented in the workshops was mind-boggling and impressive. I will need several lifetimes to absorb (or understand!) all of the knowledge.

Many of the moments that stood out for me were: the tunes composed by Tom Connolly; Graham Hargrove; Ron Bruschi’s quiet bones playing; Annika’s beautiful video; Jim Runner; Stan Von Hagen’s bones; Noel; Kenny Wolin and Bill Vits’ so-much-educational-bones-information and amazing workshops; Mardeen’s spoon/bones; Tommy Hayes’ advice to memorize 50 tunes for the bones; and, Mel’s lovely tribute to Jerry; he intuited Jerry’s spirit and heart.   Sharon Mescher