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The Photograph of the Month is a Thank You

    The Photograph of the Month is a Thanks You to Randy Gordon and Dean Robinson for serving as Technical Hosts for the Bones Room and Rhythm Room keeping things running smoothly. Thanks also goes to Skeff Flynn for serving as Chair of the Technical Committee and Technical Host of the Main Room. We couldn't have done it without these folks.  

The Video of the Month is "The Highlights'

The second BFXXIV video is titled 'The Highlights' and shows video clips from about everything that happened at the Fest from individual introductions to workshops. As you will see it was quite a happening, and a link to the first BFXXIV video is below. In the Following months videos will be longer clips of workshops and attendee introduction/performances.

August 2020 - The Fest Begins

We say goodbye at least for now to the fabulous videos from the 'Blues' Bones Fest in Clarksdale, Mississippi except for the two videos below. We did not complete Vgo's Blues Workshop video and it will completed in full after the rush of work from Bones Fest XXIV is over.

July 2019 - Facilities and Musicians
August 2019 - Performer Highlights

Gimme that Old-Time Rhythm

Tim Jones attended Bones Fest XXIV. Timothy Jones wrote an article titled Gimme that Old-Time Rhythm that appeared in the on-line website Oldtime Central that supports Oldtime around the world. This is a well written article that you will want to read. Tim says of it,

"I am delving into the history of rhythm bones and the articles on the Rhythm Bones Society website by Beth Alice Lenz and Sue Allen Barber have been helpful. I include interview quotes from Dom Flemons, who I know thinks highly of the Rhythm Bones Society, and from David Holt. The troubling aspects of minstrelsy, so important in telling the story of rhythm bones, is part of what I try to navigate."

Rhythm Bones Around the World and History Illustrations

In the BFXXIV Registration Form, there was a list of possible workshops and 'Rhythm Bones Around the World and History' was checked more than any of the other workshops. Jonathan Danforth led that workshop and did a outstanding job, and he included many illustrations that you can view by clicking HERE.

Link to Randy's Radio Show

Unburied Treasure is an eclectic radio show I host weekly on KBCZ 90.1 FM Boulder Creek Community Radio, in Boulder Creek, CA. We stream live at and I archive my shows to Each week I feature a variety of genres of musical gems that don't often get aired over FM radio, and I often find a theme to tie everything together. This particular week's show was in honor of The Virtual Bonesfest XXIV, which occurred on the same day as my show, and features music I like to play my bones with. But even if you don't play the bones, it's a 2-hour musical feast for the ears. For bones players I think there's plenty to find here to enjoy playing with, and practice to, try different things out, and maybe even propel yourself to the next level (and there's ALWAYS a next level).. Click HERE to listen.

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