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Read Rhythm Bones Player Volume 19, No 2 Issue

Volume 19, Issue No 2 is available on our website for the month of November with a lead article titled "Rudiments of Rhythm Bones." The Board at their BFXXI meeting approved the uploading of the current newsletter to our website. Previously this has only been mailed to members as a Membership benefit, and after two years uploaded to our website. Now it will still be mailed to members as well as on our website for one month. There is much current information that will now be available. Click the left box on our homepage.

Steve Brown's BFXXI Perfomance is the November Video of the Month

Click on the right photograph on our home page to see the first of several monthly Bones Fest XXI individual performances.

Letter From The Library of Congress

The American Folklife Center is proud to be a repository for the Rhythm Bones Player. We recently re-cataloged the newsletter with full subject classification. Todd Harvey, Serials Coordinator

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