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The Video of the Month is Randy Seppala at BFXXXIII

Click the right upper box on our homepage. Randy remembers John Perona with a performance using his silver spoon rhythm bones. Check out his remembrance below.

Previous VOMs from BFXXIII are listed below as they are just too good to be viewable for only one month.

July - Facilities and Musicians
August - Performer Highlights
September, Ron Bruschi Individual Performance
November - Kate Barfield

The Photo of the Month John Perona Remembered

Randy "DaBonesMan" Seppala here; I was apprenticed by The Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program sponsored by Michigan State University Museum with the Great Johnny Perona, who played tradition folk music in our area for 75 years, to learn his bones playing style in 2001 and to learn his unique spoons playing style in 2003. Photo of the month shows Johnny playing his nickel silver spoons and video of the month is me playing his original spoons style, which is essentially bones playing but with a different instrument and a much different result. The hand positions and movements are the same as bones playing. Nickel silver serving spoons are used and one of each pair is hammered flat and tuned to chime like a bell, flattened spoons are each tuned  differently. The chiming spoons seem to work best in waltz rhythms but can be used with other rhythms as well. Johnny was very inventive and always searching for alternative methods and instruments to create rhythm. Some of his experiments worked, some didn't work as well; but his chiming nickel silver spoons are sure a real "ringer" (pun certainly intended). May your bones and spoons be with you.

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