Dem Bones Dem Bones


The Video of the Month is Skeffington Flynn at BFXXXIII

Click the right upper box on our homepage. Skeff sings and accompanies himself on solo rhythm bones.

Previous VOMs from BFXXIII are listed below as they are just too good to be viewable for only one month.

July - Facilities and Musicians
August - Performer Highlights
September, Ron Bruschi Individual Performance
November - Kate Barfield
December - Randy Seppala

The Photo of the Month is the cover of the last newsletter of 2019

Volume 21, Number 4 issue has three main stories, profiles of Sandor Slomovits and Skeff Flynn and Steve Brown tells in details how to compete in the All Ireland Bones Competition. Sandor was one of Percy Danforth's best students and has taken over rhythm bones making from Ray Schairer. You can read about Skeff in this quarter's newsletter by clicking on the Photograph of the Month.


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