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Bones Fest XXV, the Silver Anniversary Fest Update

Bones Fest XXV, the Silver Anniversary Fest, is tentatively planned for the summer of 2021 hosted by Kenny and Teri Wolin in Alexandria, VA. If that is not deemed safe due to the pandemic, there will be another Virtual Bones Fest.
Check back from time to time for the latest update.

The Photograph of the Month

The Photograph of the Month is Rhythm Bones Player, Vol 23, No 1 which will be online for the month of April. Highlights include a profile of Jonathan Danforth and a transcription of his BFXXIV Workshop (see below).

The Video of the Month is Jonathan Danforth's BFXXIV Workshop

This month's VOM is one of a kind. It is Jonathan's BFXXIV Workshop titled Bones in Space and Time. He talks the about rhythm bones and how they spread, what they are, and then how we think about them. He wanted to do something more than just the history of rhythm bones. He talked about how rhythm bones go back 3000 years, and how they sort of are a part of this continuing tradition of rattling. That sense of continuity is part of what he talked about.
It was
more of a thinking session then a playing session.

Danforth Bonus - Percy's Portfolio of Memorabilia

Since the earliest days of the Rhythm Bones Society, we have discovered and collected information about this rhythm bones legend. This portfolio presents much of that information in the form of audio, video, documents and more. Click HERE to see.

Bones Fest XXIV Videos

Shown below are previous BFXXIV videos, and in the following months there will be
more BFXXIV individual and workshop videos.
August 2020 - The Fest Begins
September 2020 - Highlights
October 2020 - Boris Sichon and Digeredoo
November 2020 - Rowan Corbett and Polyrhythms
December 2020 - Bill Vits - Rudiments and the Drumset
January 2021 - Kenny Wolin - Part 1 - Turning triplets into 16th notes
February 2021 - Kenny Wolin - Part 2 - Gallop Rhythm
March 2021 - Tom Connolly's Introduction
March 2021 - Kenny Wolin - Part 3 - Ostenato Patterns

A New Index to the Rhythm Bones Player Newsletters

Click HERE to view a new index to the RBP newsletters. With 88 quarterly volumes in print, it is hard to review them without doing a slow Adobe search (cmd or cntl + f). This new index gives you every newsletter's Table of Contents in one place and it has links to each newsletter so you can get there with one click. Give it a try.

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