Dem Bones Dem Bones


The Video of the Month is Kate Barfield at BFXXXIII

Click the right upper box on our homepage. This is a shorter than normal video (all we had), but she is another great rhythm bones player that needs to be seen.

Previous VOMs from BFXXIII are listed below as they are just too good to be viewable for only one month.

July - Facilities and Musicians
August - Performer Highlights
September, Ron Bruschi Individual Performance

The Photo of the Month is the Brown/Vits Workshop

It was a clear beautiful day on Saturday October 12th, and it was a beautiful day on the inside of the Common Street Spiritual Center when a Bone Playing Workshop:Bones, Beginning and Beyond was held. Bruno Giles organized and invited many of the participants, most of which were involved in the Drum Circles regularly held in the area. Workshop leaders Bill Vits and Steve Brown were primed for indoctrinating many of the participants into the world of bone playing. About 3/4 of the participants had never played bones before, and were eager to start rattling the bones! The workshop began with a brief history of the bones, and quickly moved into the essentials of holding, and making the elemental sounds. With Steve giving the initial instruction, soon Bill, Bruno and other experienced players were making the rounds in the crowd, giving suggestions, and praise. Many of the participants were soon rattling, and shaping the sounds to music! In part two, Bill let loose with the advanced techniques of bone playing, and demonstrated how you can integrate bone playing into drum set. the workshop ended with the RBS traditional conga line, winding our way through the Spiritual Center, and rattling our selves into oblivion. Many of the participants left knowing the basic's and vowing to keep playing the bones! Steve Brown

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