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Registration for Bones Fest XXI is Open

Yes, Bones Fest XXI is back in San Antonio, TX hosted by Dennis Riedesel, and you can now register for the Fest. Click HERE to view the Registration Information. If you are paying by check, please print the form and mail the completed bottom of the form with your check. If paying online, please press the Buy Now button and also print and fill out the registration form and mail it to RBS, 1060 Lower Brow Road, Signal Mtn, TN 37377. We need the requested information to complete the program and finish the BFXXI Program Booklet.

Ann Hoffman Remembered in May Video of the Month

RBS recently learned that former member Ann Hoffman died in 2016. We found her from her performance on World's Funniest Video, and she attended Bones Fest IV where the video was played followed by a live performance from her. In addition to being on national television, she was a lady rhythm bones player like Vivian Cox (search for Vivian in the online newsletters) who played rhythm bones in a band and got paid (national TV exposure and regular pay as a rhythm bones player happen to only a few of us).

Check Out Hans' Rhythm Bones Instructional Video

Longtime member from the Netherlands, Hans Weehuizen, has made a nice rhythm bones instructional video. Previously, he has made similar videos in Dutch, but this one is in English. Click HERE to view it.

Have you Visited the RBS Online Museum

This was a news item in the last website update. To date it has not generated any email responses
which are needed to continue development.

    The daughter of the late Clif Ervin (with help from Scott Miller) donated a box of his rhythm bones to RBS and asked us to do something nice with them.  They are unique and it would have been nice if we had some place to display them.  At the Board meeting at the recent Bones Fest, the idea of an Online RBS Museum to display them was discussed, and we are happy to announce that a prototype Museum has been implemented and can be viewed by clicking HERE

        Please note that this is a working version of the Museum which will have more content and will later work with smartphones (for now try it by viewing horizontally). In general, when you click a photograph you will see one or more related photographs (now more likely just one), and when you click inside the text box you can read more about the item.

        With that in mind you are invited to submit items to add to the museum by sending one or more photographs and a description (it will be edited if needed) which will become the museum text.  Items must have historical rhythm bones significance, and the Board will determine what items are added to the museum.  Help us make this a Museum people want to visit again and again. 

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