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Bones Fest XXI Is almost Here

  Bones Fest XXI is almost here, and you can still attend. Check out the Bones Fest summaries in the Museum History section to see what a Bones Fest is all about.  Go to for details and to register.

BFXX Highlights is August Video of the Month

This is the last month for Bones Fest XX video and we repeat the Highlights video originally uploaded late last year. We thank Gerry Hines for hosting another great Fest as we look forward to Dennis Riedesel and Bones Fest XXI in San Antonio this month.

Second Preview of New Homepage     

        Click HERE for the latest update to the proposed Online Museum, and thanks for all the suggestions. It has changed a bit from the version sent last month by stacking the photographs over the text which should make it work on a smartphone (this version still is a computer or tablet version).  Placing photos on top of text gives us space for more links.  Not sure what to do with the small Name box, but could be a personal website link.  The small left box typically links to a video or audio.

Note that in the Players pages there are for now only forward links in the upper left corner and at bottom of the page (will fix that when we are sure the organization works).  If you want to back up you will have to go back to the Museum Home and start again from the Minstrel page. If you click on a thumbnail photo and it has more photos they will show full screen. More will be added as time permits. The Bones Fest History photos and the first couple of Player pages have several photos. 

This is a lot here, and even more to come.  If you have ideas on how to organize the Players section when we add maybe 50 or more players, please let us know.

We Are Ready For More CONTENT, and you can help by letting us know what you would like to see in the Museum. Use the Contact Us Page and thanks.

See Dom Flemons as 'The American Songster'

PS.  If you want to hear member Dom Flemons performing as 'The American Songster," Steve Brown found this Youtube video that highlights his solo show.


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