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Yirdy Machar Remembered

RBS is sad to announce the passing of Yirdy Machar. While Yirdy attended only one Fest, BFIX in Chattanooga, he won the hearts of the attendees and later he made contributions to the Rhythm Bones Player newsletter. Click the Photograph of the Month (left box) to read his article on playing 8 rhythm bones, and click the Video of the Month (right box) to view a Tribute Video. Note that in the left column of Yirdy's 8 bones article is a story about one of his bones CDs.

There will be a more detailed article in the next issue of the Rhythm Bones Player Newsletter, and if you have remembrances or anything about Yirdy that other rhythm bones players would find interesting, please email using our 'Contact Us' page.

Below are some youtube links.

Calligraphy -

Rhythm Bones -


Bones Fest XXIII Announced

Bones Fest XXIII will be in Clarksdale, Mississippi on May 2-5, 2019 hosted by long time member Randy Seppala. Clarksdale is the birthplace and world headquarters for the Blues. More details later but click the photograph below to get preliminary information on this very unique Bones Fest. There will be 'Blues' Workshops for those wanting to learn how to play with a Blues band.

Bones Fest XXII Performance Videos

The BFXXII performance video for August will be delayed until September so RBS can remember Yirdy Machar with a Tribute Video. Each month hereafter until BFXXIII will have longer BFXXII performances.

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