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Bones Fest XXIV, July 25, 2020, Is Virtual!

PLEASE Register NOW For Bones Fest XXIV!

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Only 17 people have registered for BFXXIV to Date. If you are attending BFXXIV, PLEASE register NOW because the your host, the Board, needs the information on that form to finish planning the Fest. There are two committees planning the Fest, the Planning Committee is working on the formal program and the Technology Committee will make sure that we know how to use Zoom technology to run a virtual Bones Fest.

The RBS board has approved Bones Fest XXIV as a Virtual Bones Fest using ZOOM teleconferencing technology, and it will look like the Photo of the Month to attendees. The exciting aspect is that people who have never been able to attend a Bones Fest can attend.  That means we will have rhythm bones players from around the world in virtual attendance. Click HERE for the details.

Would You Like to Lead a BFXXIV Workshop

That is great news. Please reply using our 'Contact Us' page with a few details. NOW!


The Video of the Month is Vgo's Blues Workshop at BFXXIII

Click the right upper box on our homepage. This is Part 2 from Vgo's Blues Workshop at Bones Fest XXIII in Clarksdale, MS, the birthplace of the Blues, and more will be shown over the next several months. This is an outstanding piece of work that will eventually become a permanent workshop on our website.

Previous VOMs from BFXXIII are listed below as they are just too good to be viewable for only one month.

July - Facilities and Musicians
August - Performer Highlights
September, Ron Bruschi
November - Kate Barfield
December - Randy Seppala
January - Skeff Flynn
February - Sharon Mescher
March/April - Steve Brown
May - Vgo's Workshop, Part 1

James Yoshizawa has a Fun Video

I want to share this video I made. The Facebook version was widely circulated, but I have it here on Youtube as well. The All-Ireland bones competition was cancelled this year, so I put together this video of all of the US competitors who would have competed in this year in Ireland. Click HERE to view.

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