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Vol 21, No 2, Newsletter Online

The Vol 21, No 2 issue of the Rhythm Bones Player is in the mail for members and is online for the month of July. There are two major stories, the Highlights of Bones Fest XXIII by Host Randy Seppala, and the 25th Celebration of the All Ireland Bones Competition by Steve Brown. There is also an obituary for Jim Lohmann by Randy Seppala.

Video of the Month (VOM) is the First BFXXIII Highlights Video

The Video of the Month is the first of several VOMs for BFXXIII. The first highlights the great facilities and introduces the supporting Blues Musicians. The second will have short clips of attendee performances. The remaining videos will feature longer individual attendee performances.

Abbeyfeale Celebrates the 25th All Ireland Bones Competition

There was another major rhythm bones event the same weekend as BFXXIII, namely the All Ireland Bones Championship in Abbeyfeale, Ireland, celebrating the 25th anniversary of that event. The organizers invited RBS to participate and possibly hold a Regional Bones Fest the same weekend. Our Fest host, Randy Seppala, tried to find another weekend for BFXXIII, but Clarksdale had a busy Blues music calendar and he could not change the date. Three of our members did make the trip, Barry Patton, James Yoshizawa, and Graham Hargrove, and they came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the bones competition. On Page 6 on the online newsletter, Steve Brown who has won the completion twice and been a judge gives us a history of the event, and this is followed by short summaries from each of the winners.

Bones Maker Jim Lohmann has Passed

Jim Lohmann, was born August 9, 1953, and passed away May 30, 2019. Jim started Lohmann Woodcarving Company 40 years ago, and specialized in custom architectural and ornamental woodworking. Included among his countless jobs was the restoration of a secretary desk made for the White House, and dozens of decorative pipe screens for organs throughout the world. I met Jim in 2002 and we started making bones in 2003. Jim worked for 15 years on perfecting the making of wood rhythm bones on a CNC machine (computerized router). He was always coming up with new jigs and methods for milling bones and pretty much had it perfected where very little sanding was required. We were partners in the “Dem Bones” enterprise which ceased rhythm bones production in 2017. Jim attended Bones Fest IX with his daughter, Olivia, who played rhythm bones quite well. Rest in peace dear friend. Randy “Da Bones Man” Seppala

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