Dem Bones Dem Bones


The Photo of the Month is a Bones Fest XXIV Promotion

While the date is almost fixed, Bones Fest XXIV will be in the Washington, DC area in July again hosted by Kenny and Teri Wolin. You may recall that they were married at Bones Fest XIV and we will celebrate their 'X' (10th) anniversary at this Fest.

Bones Fest XIV was one of the most videoed Fests and be you an oldtime who wants to recall memories from this Fest, or if you are a newcomer who doesn't quite understand what a Bones Fest is all about, click HERE.


The Video of the Month is Sharon Mescher at BFXXXIII

Click the right upper box on our homepage. Board member Sharon Mescher is accompanied by VGO.

Previous VOMs from BFXXIII are listed below as they are just too good to be viewable for only one month.

July - Facilities and Musicians
August - Performer Highlights
September, Ron Bruschi
November - Kate Barfield
December - Randy Seppala
January - Skeff Flynn



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