Dem Bones Dem Bones


The Photograph of the Month is 'The First Fifteen'

    The Photograph of the Month is a screenshot with 'The First Fifteen' who joined Zoom and Bones Fest XXIV. They represented Australia, Canada, Ireland, Poland, and how about Sharon Mscher representing the US as she lives in Iowa about in the middle of the counrty. A total of 60 attended plus a few more who only observed.  

The Video of the Month is "The Fest Begins'

The first BFXXIV video is titled 'The Fest Begins' and shows highlights from the first hour of the Fest. Next month will be the 'Highlights' video with video clips from about everything that happened. In the Following months videos will be longer clips of workshops and attendee introduction/performances.

We say goodbye at least for now to the fabulous videos from the 'Blues' Bones Fest in Clarksdale, Mississippi except for the two videos below. We did not complete Vgo's Blues Workshop video and it will completed in full after the rush of work from Bones Fest XXIV is done.

July - Facilities and Musicians
August - Performer Highlights

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