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The Photograph of the Month is Volume 22, No. 3 RBP Newsletter

    The Photograph of the Month is the cover of the current issue of the Rhythm Bones Player newsletter, and the main story is highlights from Bones Fest XXIV. Since there were no photographs available, the images presented are taken from the video and show attendees closer up. This newsletter will be available online for the month of October.

Due to the pandemic, printed copies for members were suspended, however, the current and back issues wil be printed and mailed to all members. This is a benefit for being a RBS member.

The Video of the Month is 'Boris Sichon'

The next BFXXIV video is titled 'Boris Sichon: Playing Rhythm Bones and Digeridoo' and was taken from his participation in the "Tips and Techniques" Workshop. Links to previous BFXXIV videos are below. In the following months videos will be from workshops and longer attendee introduction/performances.

August 2020 - The Fest Begins
September 2020 - Highlights

We say goodbye at least for now to the fabulous videos from the 'Blues' Bones Fest in Clarksdale, Mississippi except for the two videos below. We did not complete Vgo's Blues Workshop video and it will completed in full after the rush of work from Bones Fest XXIV is over.

July 2019 - Facilities and Musicians
August 2019 - Performer Highlights

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