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The Photograph of the Month is RBP, Vol 22, No 4

The Vol 22, No 4 issue is about rhythm bones notation and is online for the month of January. Kenny Wolin presented several Bones Fest workshops where he notated what he was teaching on easel paper. After his “Latin Rhythms and Notation” workshop, he recapped the workshop in a newsletter article. On our website is Dr. Fred Edmunds “Bones Unlimited” instructional video and Fred used a notation scheme of his own design. Matteo, member and world class castanet player, devised a scheme he called “Castanotation.” He gave RBS a video that demonstrates his scheme. Jonathan Danforth in his article on Chlefele found a Swiss website with a notation scheme. Dr. Mel Mercier in his PhD theses used a notation scheme to document the late Jerry Mescher’s arrangements. And at Bones Fest XXIV, we met Annika Mikolajko who commission a piece that uses a notation scheme. Her article on the scheme is what inspired this special issue on Notation. Hopefully something useful will come from this issue. The following clickable links from this issue will make viewing them easier than having to copy and paste text into a browser.

Letter to Editor - Dom Flemons
Letter to Editor - Dante Post
Letter to Editor - Ron Bruschi
Annika Mikolajko Article Performance
Chlefele Website
Dr. Mel Mercier's PhD Thesis
Annika Mikolajko YouTube Channel
Dr Fred Edmunds Overview
John Bones Nobles Study Guide (this link might be broken)
John Bones Nobles Movie

The Video of the Month is Kenny Wolin's Workshop, Part 1

The next BFXXIV long video is titled Part 1 of 3 from Kenny Wolin's Advanced Workshop at BFXXIV. This workshop had three parts and this month we feature Part 1 'Turning the Triplet into 16th notes.' Part 2 is titled 'The Gallop Rhythm,' and Part three is 'Ostinato Rhythms.'

Shown below are previous BFXXIV videos, and in the following months there will be
more BFXXIV individual and workshop videos.
August 2020 - The Fest Begins
September 2020 - Highlights
October 2020 - Boris Sichon and Digeredoo
November 2020 - Rowan Corbett and Polyrhythms
December 2020 - Bill Vits - Rudiments and the Drumset

It is time to Renew RBS Membership

The Rhythm Bones society's fiscal year runs from January to December for all members meaning it is time to renew your membership. If you are not a member and would like to rejoin or become a member, Click HERE.

Silver Anniversary Video Ideas Needed

    I'm disappointed that no one has responded to the invitation to submit ideas for the Silver Anniversary RBS video to be shown at Bones Fest XXV next year in Alexandria, VA. Can you believe RBS has been around for a quarter of a century! During that time many wonderful things have taken place at our annual Bones Fest, and we want to include the most memorable ones. We need YOU to tell us what those moments are. Go to our CONTACT US page with a brief description of what you think should be included and we will get back to you. If we do a GREAT job who knows who might want to air the video.

'Blues' Bones Fest XXIII Left Overs

We say goodbye at least for now to the fabulous videos from the 'Blues' Bones Fest in Clarksdale, Mississippi except for the two videos below. We have not completed Vgo's Blues Workshop video and it will completed in full after the rush of work from Bones Fest XXIV is over.

July 2019 - Facilities and Musicians
August 2019 - Performer Highlights

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